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Mac Track applications  
SelfDestructingEmail Apple Macintosh tracking applications for emails and documents

What is SelfDestructingEmail?

SelfDestructingEmail is the most powerful and reliable email and document tracking service for Macs that exists today. In short - SelfDestructingEmail tells you when email and documents you send are read / re-opened / forwarded and so much more.

The following outlines details on comprehensive tracking from Apple Macintosh computers. For Windows users please refer to Tracking from PC's.

  What you can track from your Mac

SelfDestructingEmail provides comprehensive tracking for:

Reporting Functions and account set-up:

To use SelfDestructingEmail you must be registered so we can send you your ReadNotifications. You can sign up for a no-obligation free trial at any time.

  Sending tracked emails

We offer a range of email tracking features for sending from your Macintosh. On start up, your account is already configured per our 'Recommended' tracking defaults - and we will automatically send you email ReadNotifications when your tracked emails are opened.

To send a tracked email using your defaults, simply add   to the end of your recipients email address (they won't see this). For example, a tracked email to: will look like:

Advanced email tracking options

SelfDestructingEmail offers a range of comprehensive tracking options. The following is an overview of these features with the manual extensions listed for quick reference. You'll find more detailed information regarding these from:   Log in --> Member Utilities --> My Account --> Manual Tracking Options.

  • With current defaults:     your recipients email address +
    This will activate your default tracking settings.

  • Invisible:     your recipients email address +
    Your recipient will not be aware from your email that you are tracking it. Sending emails this way may decrease reliability. Invisible tracking should not be used in conjunction with any other tracking feature.

  • Certified + Notarized:     your recipients email address +
    This option will digitally sign your email and insert a timestamp certificate for legal verification.

  • Ensured / Retractable:     your recipients email address +
    Ensured emails are stored on our server until accessed by your recipient (so they are guaranteed). The body of emails sent using our Ensured feature may also be retracted prior to them being opened by your recipient.

  • Self-Destructing / Retractable:     your recipients email address +
    Emails sent with this feature will automatically destruct in the time selected by the sender. Sending emails using our Self-Destruct feature allows you to retract the body of your email prior to it being opened by your recipient.

  • Block print & copy:     your recipients email address +
    You are able to prevent your recipients from printing or copying your emails using typical means.

  • Language Translations:     Members can access the extensive range of translations available from: Member Utilities --> My Account --> Manual Tracking Options.

  Tracking your Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files

When this feature is selected (which it is on start-up) your PDF's will automatically be tracked by simply attaching them to your tracked email. You can turn your PDF tracking on or off at any time from your account settings under Member Utilities (when you log in)

Note: PDF tracking is a Premium tracking feature only. For free trials and basic or monthly subscriptions we offer a reduced service only, with which your recipients will be asked to allow the PDF tracking.

      Tracking your MS Word Documents / Excel Files / PowerPoint Presentations

SelfDestructingEmail currently also offers tracking for your MS OLE documents. Please see Document Tracking Page for more details regarding this.

  Setting up your sending Defaults:

On start-up, your account is already configured for the "recommended" set of tracking defaults. Members can change these defaults (which include a choice of banners and invisible sending options) from: Log in --> Member Utilities --> My Account --> Default Settings.

Specialized sending defaults

SelfDestructingEmail offers a large range of sending options, most of which are listed with their overrides above. You can choose any of these as your defaults, so that you don't have to add the overrides each time. For example, if you wanted to Certify all your tracked email (so you can legally verify them if required), you can change your defaults to do this so that every time you add to your messages they will automatically be sent with Certifications. Members can access this option from: Log in --> Member Utilities --> My Account --> Manual Tracking Options.

  Reporting functions

Comprehensive tracking of the emails and documents you send can include the following information, depending on how you send your tracked emails and how your recipients receive them:

  • Date and time opened
  • Location of recipient (per their ISP city /town)
  • Map of location (available on paid subscriptions)
  • Recipients IP address
  • Apparent email address of opening (if available)
  • Referrer details (ie; if accessed via web mail etc)
  • URL clicks
  • How long the email was read for
  • How many times your email was opened
  • If your email was forwarded, or opened on a different computer
See our Live Sample Receipt for more information.

All messages sent via SelfDestructingEmail benefit from our SPF compliant and Sender-ID compliant mail servers. This confirms safe transmission of your messages, and also enables us to report delivery status to you (including: bounce-backs, delays and success notifications). Delivery information is listed in your Personal Tracking Page.

Choosing how you receive your receipts and Notifications

  • In your Personal Tracking Page (when you log in)
  • Email ReadNotifications
  • Legal Proof-of-Opening receipts
  • Delivery Service Notifications (DSN's)
  • SMS alert on your cell-phone or pager
  • Instant Messenger
These options are available to you from "My Account" in Member Utilities.

Note: does not use or contain any spy-ware, mal-ware, nor vi‌rues. It is not illegal to use, and does not breach any privacy regulations in any countries.

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